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Frequently Asked Questions

The LPLS goal is for you to value this research as much as we do. Therefore, we believe it is important to provide you with all of the information necessary for you to make an informed decision as to your participation in this very important study. 

1. What will I be required to do for this study?

Study participation is completely optional and you may leave at any time.  However, if you wish to participate you will be measured on body composition, cardiovascular health, and physical function, as well as a range of emotional and social data. You will need to visit Concordia University Irvine's campus once per year for about 2.5 hours to participate in data collection. 

2. Why should I participate?

If you wish to make a meaningful contribution to Parkinson's disease research, this is the study for you. Our goal is to provide insight into possible variables that influence PD risk, and how physical activity can reduce motor symptom progression. We also provide participants with a comprehensive health report that tracks their symptom progression as well as other important markers. 

3. How will I know if I can physically do these tests?

Some tests require walking at a normal pace, however walking assistance devices such as canes, walkers, etc. are allowed. If you can walk (with or without assistance devices) and can sit up and down in a chair, you will physically be able to do these tests. 

4. What do I need to wear/bring?

Please wear light clothing that you can do physical movements easily in. Please also bring a list of all PD meds and dosages that you are taking. 

5. May my caretaker/spouse/family member attend with me? 

Yes! We welcome caretakers/spouses/family members who want to tag along for the day of the study.

6. I saw you have multiple study dates in the spring/summer, do I have to come every day?

No! You only need to come for one day this year but need to have the intention of returning annually. But you can choose the day/time that is most convenient from our schedule availability. 

7. I signed up for a day/time, but now I need to reschedule. How can I do that? 

There are two easy ways to reschedule. The easiest way is you can click on the link to the schedule and just edit your appointment. Or you can email us at and we can help get you rescheduled.  
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