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We are a group of researchers from Concordia University Irvine aiming to study the causal relationship of physical activity on Parkinson's Disease motor symptoms. Our team of student researchers are enthusiastic and eager to make a difference in the lives of each of our participants. For us to be able to conduct this research we need you - individuals diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. 

The Lifestyle and Parkinson’s Longitudinal Study (LPLS) is a research study that will follow individuals with PD over the course of multiple years; including throughout their lifespan. By tracking lifestyle variables along with body composition, cardiovascular health, and physical function, as well as a range of emotional and social data, we hope to help assess the impact of individuals' lifestyle choices on the progression of Parkinson's Disease. 


By engaging in this research, we hope to improve the lives of current and future people with Parkinson’s disease, provide education and research opportunities to young professionals ranging from high school students to graduate students, and offer participants powerful and unique data about the state of their diagnosis in a comprehensive health report, delivered annually. Individuals who participate in the research will visit Concordia University Irvine's campus once per year for about 2.5 hours to participate in data collection.

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Your participation in this study is essential to further our understanding of treatment options for the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. As a participant you will have the unique opportunity to inform our research questions and provide insight into how Parkinson's disease symptoms may be remedied.

Our goals are to provide novel research for Parkinson's disease treatments to alleviate day-to-day difficulties and improve overall quality of life. We need participants like you to share your valuable time with us so we can work together and achieve more effective treatment options through physical activity interventions. 


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While we would love to meet all of you, our study has some requirements for eligibility: 

  • Participants may be any age

  • Participants must be diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

  • Participants must be able to walk (assistance devices are permitted)

  • Participants must have cognitive capacities that allow them to complete surveys on lifestyle and cognition variables 

  • Participants will need to visit Concordia University Irvine's campus once per year for about 2.5 hours to participate in data collection

If you meet these eligibility requirements and are interested in becoming a participant in this study, please contact us with your interest or any questions you may have. 

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